IoT workshop using Acer CloudProfessor

Here is a hands-on lab working on an IoT project using Acer Cloud device. All the hardware, electronics boards will be provided. It will be a great session for parent and their youth to work together for fun project and enjoy the quality time. There are only six lab tables. Each family may have one table pending on the attendee counts. For the individual, you will be assigned to any table which can accommodate you. You invest 2 to 3 hours and learn to play with IoT device. There are many documents to refer to during the session, so please bring one notebook for document reading. Also, bring your iPhone or Android devices to install the app and play with the IoT device. Anyone who is a capable computer user, who can configure the non-trivial setting, even better, who can write the program, are all welcome. Please browse this link for reference. It is a small workshop, and the seats are limited.

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